Gard and Fenjal Gift Set for Men - Set 4

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  • 1x GARD Anti- Dandruff Shampoo - Business 250ml
  • 1x GARD Styling Cream - 100ml
  • 1x Fenjal Deo Pumpspray Sensitive 75 ml

GARD Business - Styling & care without compromise - with an unbeatable fragrance.

GARD Shampoo Business with Sandalwood Extract protects hair and scalp from dandruff. The special GARD active ingredient formula with Octopirox has long-lasting effects and prevents unsightly dandruff for up to 6 weeks before - for healthy hair without dandruff.

With this formula, GARD  is a leader of anti-dandruff shampoos on the German market. (Institute Dr. Schrader - 2018)

  • strong care against dandruff
  • frees and strengthens the hair
  • without silicones

Application: Gently massage into wet hair and lather. Rinse well.

GARD hairdressing cream with high-quality coconut oil and carnauba wax offers light styling and hold - without being greasy.

  • Vegan recipe
  • 93% of the ingredients are of natural origin.
  • completely without silicones
  • with nourishing panthenol & vitamin E.

With its slightly creamy recipe, the GARD hairdressing cream is suitable not only for the hair on the head, but also for the beard . Light form that does not burden.

Application: Spread GARD hairdressing cream in your hands and work into damp or dry hair. Style the hair as you like.
To fix: GARD Professional hairspray.

Styling & care without compromise.


A good deodorant with 24-hour antiperspirant - protection for sensitive skin too - fenjal sensitive pump spray.

Simply a good deodorant: The fenjal sensitive deodorant pump spray with its special antiperspirant formula offers you a mild fragrance and 24-hour care for sensitive skin. A good deodorant with environmentally friendly spray application, which gives a pleasant feeling and, thanks to the transparent formulation, leaves no residue on the clothing. Even after hair removal, the deodorant has no alcohol additive thanks to the ingredients allantoin, the active ingredient in chamomile (bisabolol) and apricot extract, especially for sensitive skin.

Allantoin regenerates the skin

The allantoin contained in the fenjal sensitive deodorant pump spray contributes to the regeneration of the skin damaged by the hair removal. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps with existing skin irritation.

A good deodorant with a high level of tolerance due to the absence of stressful ingredients

For a good deodorant with a high level of skin tolerance, a composition that does not have any stressful ingredients and active ingredients and is therefore less stressful for the skin is particularly important. This is why the fenjal sensitive deodorant pump spray does not use alcohol, which dries out the skin unnecessarily and attacks its natural protective function. Silicones are not included, nor are parabens, so your skin is protected from possible allergic reactions that can be triggered by these substances. Without these loads, the fenjal sensitive deodorant pump spray is ideally suited for sensitive skin types. A good deodorant that does not irritate the skin and is always reliable.

Made in Germany 


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Gard and Fenjal Gift Set for Men - Set 4.

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Gard and Fenjal Gift Set for Men - Set 4
Gard and Fenjal Gift Set for Men - Set 4.
Gard and Fenjal Gift Set for Men - Set 4.
Gard and Fenjal Gift Set for Men - Set 4.