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The Origins of Fenjal

The origins of Fenjal can be traced back to a Swiss gentleman named Hans Grether, who returned from a business trip to America with a bath oil for his wife Esther. After bathing with the bath oil, Esther came to the following conclusion: the oil in the bath additive is beneficial for the skin, however it settles unattractively on the bath water's surface and has no distinguishing aroma. As a result, Hans Grether requested that his laboratory create a bath additive in which the oil would completely combine with the bath water and spread a luxurious fragrance. The responsible chemist thought this was impossible, but for managing director Hans Grether, nothing was impossible, and 1962, the fenjal cream bath oil was introduced, and thus Fenjal was born.

Fenjal Crème Bath Oil, the first product in the world to unite a oil with a bath product.

In the years that followed, the international orientation of the company and brand was promoted. Brand names such as Fenjala , Miss Fenjala and Miss Fenjal were also used in the 1970s and 1980s 



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